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Two-Way Immersion

Transitional Bilingual Programs

Grades K-5 Dual Language: Two-Way Immersion (TWI)

The goal of the TWI program is for students to develop strong literacy skills and language proficiency in both English and Spanish, in order for them to become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural.   In District 65, the TWI magnet program is composed of a balance of two linguistic groups:

  • Spanish-speaking students who are eligible to receive EL (English Learner) services and who have accepted services, and
  • English proficient students

Teachers use challenging strategies that promote high levels of language and academic achievement. The same standards as general education classrooms are followed, with specific content areas taught in Spanish or English.

The program is available to all Spanish speaking students who accept services, and to English proficient students through a magnet lottery at the following elementary schools: Dawes, Dewey, OaktonWashington, and Willard. The TWI program has expanded to serve kindergarten through fifth grade students enrolled at Dr. Bessie Rhodes School of Global Studies. One grade level will be added annually eventually making the global studies school the first to offer TWI at all levels.

Grades 6-8 Spanish for Spanish-Speakers

In addition, we offer a Spanish for Spanish Speakers (SSS) class for our former kindergarten through fifth grade TWI students and native Spanish-speakers from Spanish-speaking countries or Dual Language Programs from other districts, as a way of building upon their academic language skills in Spanish. The literacy skills students employ in the SSS class build upon the same skills emphasized in the Illinois Learning Standards in Spanish and help students make explicit connections between and across languages. These programs are available at: Chute, Haven, and Nichols.

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Program Goals


District 65's Dual Language program embraces rigorous academic practices that develop high levels of linguistic and academic proficiency in two languages while simultaneously fostering positive sociocultural attitudes and behaviors.


In keeping with District 65’s commitments to Culturally Relevant Teaching and Equity, the Dual Language program aims to work together as a community, inspire creativity and prepare each student to achieve academically, grow personally and contribute positively to a global society by becoming fully bilingual, biliterate and bicultural.