School Improvement and Instructional Leadership

Washington School Instructional Leadership Team
The team of staff leaders who develops the professional development plan and structures that support continuous instructional improvement. The team’s work is based upon an analysis of staff appraisal data (the Danielson rubric), student achievement data, and educational research and policy.
Members: Connie Obrochta, Cathy Doyle, Kate Ellison, Susan Kolian, Natalie Sanchez, Carol Clay, Nicole Davies, Eva Martin, Jesse Orbea, Alaina Odenthal

RtI Literacy Team
The team of staff members who helps plan and support RtI meetings. This team will collaborate with classroom teachers around instruction at Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.
Members: Connie Obrochta, Nicole Davies, Sally Wigginton
RtI Math Team
The team of staff members who helps coordinate differentiation in math. This team will assess all K students and selected 2-5 students with the Cathy Richardson AMC assessment. They will also consult with teachers when developing individual RtI plans.
Members: Lynda Olivera, Jesse Orbea, TBD
Inclusion Team
The team of staff members who support inclusionary practices and individual student needs. They work with students with and without IEPS to insure a positive and productive inclusive environment. The lend expertise around individual students as well as system planning.
Members: Michelle Brand, Lynda Olivera, Sonia Villareal, Marie Chang-Pisano, Natalie Sanchez, Trisha Baker, Gisela DeLama, Katrina Mueller, Laura Hernandez, Meghan Kelly, Paola Flores, TBD
Parent Advisory
The team of staff and parents who advise the principal around school climate, instructional experiences, and communication. This team currently plans courageous conversation events three times a year.
Members: Kate Ellison, Heather Sweeney, Gilo Logan, Tana Francellno, Shannon Gibert, Kathy McGroarty-Torres, Erika Garcia, Manuel Aleman, Susan Kolian, Eva Martin, Trisha Baker, Lesl Durham, Jenny Blickenstaff

PBIS Green Team
The team that analyzes behavioral data, plans social/emotional lessons, and monthly celebrations.
Members:  Jeff Waraksa, Carolyn Koegler-Alosio, Susan Kolian, TBD
PBIS Tier 2/Tier 3
The team that analyzes tier 2 behavior, manages CICO, and develops WRAPS for individual students.
Members: Meghan Kelly, Lynda Olivera, Paola Flores, Jen Lloyd, TBD
Grade Level Leaders Team
The team that facilitates grade level meetings and prepares agendas for those meetings.
Members: Alaina Odenthal, Stephanie Roche, Kristen VanL, Francisco Candamil, Eva Martin, Faye Pais, Specials TBD

Resource Documents
Professional Development Plan
Washington School Professional Development Plan.pdf
Purposeful Talk Defined

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